BACK by Ann-Sofie Back has been an Acrimony staple for years and for good reason. With an intellectual approach to clothing and a roving eye that never misses the details, Back has established a reputation for chic and inventive design that don’t hide in the crowd. Our fall collection is already available online now, but we thought it’d be a good idea to check in with her and even see if we could get her to drop some hints about next season.

We’ve been carrying BACK for so long and we’ve never had a chance to really introduce you to our customers, Ann-Sofie! Customers can always immediately sense your influence behind each piece when they try them on. Rarely can people understand and imagine themselves wearing such modern, progressive clothes so easily. Why do you think some women almost instantly connect with your designs?

I think some people have an opinion about me making “difficult clothes” but when they actually see them in a shop or try them on they change their minds. You don’t have to be perfect to wear BACK and I think this attracts a customer who might not feel comfortable in “sexy” clothes. Being sexy has never been a priority of mine. I also know all designers say they design for “a confident woman who knows what they want” but I rarely think this is actually true. With BACK, it attracts a woman who truly dresses for herself and not a man—she is not someone who cares whether she pleases others and this is unusual.

This fall’s BACK collection is everything we’ve always loved about the line, plus a little bit more. The zips, the silhouettes, the details feel very familiar to our long-time BACK customers, but how did you find something new to do with these techniques and materials?

I rarely have time, during the six months I get to work on a collection, to get it absolutely right or explore all the possibilities completely. I never feel that I come up with the ultimate solution really, which is very frustrating! Therefore I love it when I can revisit ideas and “get them right” the second, third, or fourth time around!

Our customers constantly tell us they want clothes that are as sexy as they are strong, which is why they love your clothes so much. Is there a connection between those two ideas for you?

Haha! No, not for me. But maybe sexy is when you don’t really care about being sexy…

Could you share a thought to shed some light on what to expect for spring 2013?

Well, it’s a bit more chaotic; lots of influences that don’t really match but make up a quite perfect whole. Heavy metal, sports, cowprints, lurex knits, pinstripes, Wall Street shirts, wide, clear elastics, studs, dungarees…

The fall collection from BACK by Ann-Sofie Back is available now in store and online.