As careful as we are when we pick what shows up on our racks, we know that there’s a lot of stuff to get through and it can be a bit tough making up your mind. Fear not, though, we are here to help with [ACRIMONY APPROVED] clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Every now and then, we’ll curate a small selection of stuff that you must have in your closet. Abby made the picks for our first edition and she was kind enough to include a few notes (in case you weren’t already convinced that she’s awesome and knows what she’s talking about) to help you out. Click HERE or on the picture below to go straight to our (new) favorite things or scroll down to read some of Abby’s on-point styling tips.

Common Projects Leather Duffle
I wish guys weren’t so afraid to dress up, especially when it comes to travel!  I see too many dudes at the airport carrying their 7th grade ADIDAS soccer duffle –not a good look. This bag is so Americana and such an amazing shade of brown. I just want to eat it.

Endovanera Drifter Tee
This is really the perfect tee for both sexes. Perfect softness, neckline and drape.  One of those wear-on-repeat kind of pieces.

Veda Apache Vest
There seems to be two reoccurring themes when it comes to my wardrobe: oversized and structural. This vest has met all my needs, plus its both sheer ling AND leather?! Sold. It’d be so magical paired with some slightly baggy trousers and the LD Tuttle Weave shoe. 

BACK by Ann-Sofie Back Pin Trousers
These pants are #(&$^@&*^ amazing. They fit like a glove and that over-sized (there it is again) pin closure is too freaking cute!