Ah Oui Oui, Paris~

The Travel Diary Continues in Paris. Peep just a preview of what’s to come for Fall:

I was lucky enough to have Marcus with me this time around. It’s really helpful to have someone dedicated and willing enough to travel with me and spend every waking minute in my presence. It’s no easy feat. Crepes make it a little easier:

Tranoi was our first stop, we really fell in love with this Italian sweater line run by some Japanese folks in Florence. Varsity style merino wool cardigans with these happy animals…we had never seen anything like it.

CA4LA also shows at Tranoi, it’s the only way to see them outside of Japan and London. There will be some really cool hats in store for Fall. A wool covered fedora may be in your future.

One of the most interesting things we found during our entire trip in Paris was this fragrance line, Pot-Pourri d'Apothicaire. They specialize in infusing fragrance into crystals and lava rocks. They work just like potpourri but WAY more elegant and sophisticated. Among our favorite fragrances: Tobacco, Figue, Amber and Szechuan Tea. Of course, the home fragrance comes packaged in this amazing (heavy ass**) iron tin. As soon as I figure out how to ship something like this to the US, it will be top shelf in both shops. 

We saw some cool shoes at the Opening Ceremony showroom. The guys are really gonna dig on these bad boys. (that little Lanvin foot is mine)

Exciting news! We’re bringing back Odyn Vovk for AW12. With nods to non-seasonal basics like the OV hoodie and Curve Seam T’s, we saw subtle updates in our favorite OV pieces. Be on the lookout for heavy 20 oz fleece outerwear, washed twill cocoon shirts and waxed canvas jackets. Overall the collection looked amazing. Bravo!

Oh hey, dessert!

DRKSHDW was as good as ever. The seasonal color was sky blue, a color I normally despise, but I quite liked it in the accessories.

I really appreciate how well designed each DRKSHDW piece is. So well designed that it can live in a collection for seasons on end, with only changes in fabrication. His jackets have become so identifiable that he’s created a style people refer to as “very Rick." Every fashion dude in Paris is "very Rick.”

Hey, budddddy.

Off to see Henrik Vibskov. I’ve been following Vibskov since before opening Acrimony. Wild cuts, strong use of patterns and colors, very true to Danish styling. I’m excited that we’ll finally be carrying it in the shop. Bright socks and accessories for those less daring, or long oversized coats for those that can pull it off.

Me? This FUZZY WUZZY has my name all over it.

In between appointments and tradeshows, I was left pretty disappointed with French cuisine. Lucky for me, my favorite Parisian secret is a Mexican restaurant! Walk to the back, behind the kitchen at Candelaria (52 rue de Saintogne). We had tacos, nachos, and of course…MICHELADAS!!

We popped into Capsule Paris to see Chris from Gitman. Surprise! 2 fabrics we didn’t see in NY>>

Then off to the MAN show where we saw P.A.M. and some other up & coming labels like Haerfest and Etudes. 

This was the first time meeting Chris, from P.A.M. They had a smashed out party (the MAN DISCO) where we drank 10euro vodka tonics with the Japanese guys from Visvim. 

The camera can’t go with us everywhere! Til future travels, au revoir!