Baby Got Back

Maybe it’s just because we’re Romantics at heart, but we think one of the best parts of any look is when you walk away. The figure you cut, the impression you leave, the fact that if you catch someone’s eye, they have to run after you…it makes everything feel a little more dramatic, a little more cinematic, a little more bad-ass. In that vein, we think there are a few pieces that you guys might have neglected because you didn’t take a chance to check out what’s going on in the back.

Funktional Tunnel Tank

Bright blue color and incredibly light silk would have been enough to make this tank a must-have for summer, but the dramatic draped back will have everybody making a double-take when you walk past them in Dolores Park. The bottom of the tank actually “tunnels” through a slit in the top, creating a beautiful drape as well as leaving two artfully placed cut-outs on each side.

C.P. Company Heritage Cotton Jacket

Sure, you can admire the texture and great hand finishing on this waxed jacket from the front, but the large back panel lets you see just how unique the coating is without any pockets or zippers or buttons to distract you. And if you look closely, you can also make out the stitching that connects the inner back carry strap—all because you took the time to turn this jacket around!

Kai-aakmann Fringe Back Blouson

From the front, this lightweight jacket looks like a pretty straightforward piece, but when you noticed the Western-style welted pockets, you know that Soonjin Park has loaded up her design with a little something extra. Turn it around and—voilà! A sassy and incredibly fun fringe along the back and arms adds a little extra. Western influences, 20’s influences, and military influences all collide in a jacket you’ll want to wear all summer long.

P.A.M. Heavy Groove Eno Chino

These definitely aren’t your dads old corduroys. We think the safety orange coloring might have tipped you off. But what we really love are the signature P.A.M. pockets. Long-time fans will recognize these immediately as a classic detail that echoes to sagged jeans on skaters, but reconfigured to be a totally cool, totally unique design. For the more timid amongst you, don’t forget that these guys are also available in a classic tan, too.

So the next time you stop by Acrimony or ACRE/SF, please, please, please we beg you to take an extra second and peek at the back. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!