be your own valentine...

Love Love Love… Made Her Think jewels

square in a marquis necklace $194

ball n’ chains bracelet $322

talon knuckle busters $138

inverted rhinestone ring $46

Valentines  day is a hallmark holiday. I said it. Not taking it back. Oh, wait are those chocolates for me? Why…. flowers!? For me!??!

Okay, I’ll admit that everyone likes to be liked and loves to be loved.  A little extra reminder on February 14th doesn’t hurt anyone. Unless you’re single. Kidding. Single people deserve some love on February 14th, too!  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about love, it is that you have to love yourself first. I love myself SO much that I will buy myself a sparkly jewel every now and then.  Check out the pretty new sparkling jewels we just got in the shop!  Give one to a friend, a loved one or yourself! Hey guys, your girlfriend would totally prefer one of these over that box of chocolates, silly thong and stuffed bear.