Behind the Buy | Henrik Vibskov There’s something about Henrik...

Behind the Buy | Henrik Vibskov

There’s something about Henrik Vibskov’s designs that are exciting, engaging, precious, provocative, humorous…well, we could go on. But for spring, Vibskov tackled the one sense we don’t associate with clothing: taste. And that got him to tongues and textures, which immediately caught our eye. For spring, we focused on the loud and the subtle, with tonal fabric combinations, intense striped patterns, and a mixture of tailored and draped styles.

The women’s collection features a wild assortment of patterns, but once you actually slip them on, they becomes incredibly versatile styles. Wear a baggy tunic with leggings or a boxy shirt with jeans and things suddenly get real elegant, real fast. For the men’s collection, we focused on the amazing pattern-cutting that Vibskov puts into his tailoring, with a shorts suit leading the pack along with his signature drop crotch pant in a soft washed cotton. But no Vibskov collection would be complete without one of his signature knits, so we threw that in there, too. As always, we’ve also got a full assortment of the amazing socks, letting you add just a little Vibskov to your life if you’re after something more tame.

Shop the collection online or in store now and get a taste of the crazier side of things.