Bid adieu to Nom de Guerre

Just in from one of our favorite brands, Nom de Guerre. We are terribly sad to hear they will be shutting their retail and wholesale operation. With the Fall collection as amazing as it was, it’s so sad to hear it will be their last. Cop your last NdG pieces HERE.

Press Release December 2010: 

Countdown to Violence, Nom de Guerre’s 11th collection, concludes the group’s examination of utilitarian design.  

The brand will close the Manhattan retail base and clothing line at the end of the season; and although the clothing will be discontinued, the team will rejoin as a collective for special projects. 

From it’s inception, Nom de Guerre was formed organically and evolved as a byproduct of the interests and social theories that resonated within the group. 
With these ideas as the foundation, the members see the upcoming changes both as a phase of the brand evolution into a creative entity, and as an opportunity to explore outside interests.  
Looking back at the body of work that the brand generated, the members are appreciative of the many opportunities that the collaborative effort brought, and see the experience as a great privilege.  
Most of all, the members of Nom de Guerre are extremely grateful to everyone who supported the brand over the years.
- Nom de Guerre