Big Sur Camping (gear)

Camping in July is on my mind. When you’re sleeping in a tent for 2 days, with no amenities and nothing to do but bask in mother nature’s glory, somehow it doesn’t seem like you need much. But I look at camping more like an opportunity to buy new things (along with basking in mother nature’s glory). It would be nice to get around in one of these:

But instead I think I’ll just stick to these Pendleton/Nike collab hiking boots:

Then I got to thinking about backpacks. I need something with compartments, sturdy straps, something that looks good. I’m really into TOPO Designs right now, since it probably won’t be *me wearing the backpack. 

And for when I’m not hiking, I think I’ll lounge around in my Coca-Cola lounge chair (full on with a side table).

And wearing this bikini, getting weird tan lines. Can’t wait for summer camp!

Mara Hoffman Bikini $275