Celebrating Mod Mamas

Mother’s Day is approaching, so it’s time to truly honor all the wonderful mothers out there. And from what we hear, being a mom isn’t always easy—there’s little to no time for getting dressed or putting on make-up, researching the latest trends, or engaging in retail therapy. However, there are plenty of moms who look seriously stylish, despite having slept 3 hours, endured an entire morning with a fussy baby, and spent 10 minutes getting ready. How do they do it? In need of some answers, we decided to interview a couple of our favorite customers demanding they divulge their secrets to being so chic.

(Dionne wears her own denim jacket, top, and pants with our Rachel Comey Coral Platform Sandal)

How would you describe your personal style? How does it influence how you dress your baby?

Dionne: I would describe it as edgy and minimalistic, with some progressive undertones. I tend to wear a lot of black, and my favorite items in my wardrobe include rompers, button-downs, and a classic Levi’s jacket. I dress Milla in a lot of neutral colors, but I include one accent color in whatever accessory she’s wearing—socks, shoes, hat, etc.
Ginny:  I love to wear black, so I look for things with edgy details and unusual cuts to make things interesting. I tend toward plays on proportion and I usually like to wear  billowy tops and more fitted pants. I keep it simple! I guess you could call my style modern, and kind of architectural. But baby clothes are really hard to find in black! I dress Ando in primarily dark colors like grey, brown, navy blue, and olive green. We’re so used to seeing babies in bright colors, but I try to keep him in the muted colors that I love to wear. I dress Ando like he’s a little man whenever possible.

(Ginny wears our Something Else Double Collar Shirt with her own tee, jeans, and shoes.)

How has motherhood influenced/changed your personal style?

Ginny: Being a nursing mom limits your clothing options considerably! When I was pregnant it was all about the fit, and then after I had the baby everything I wore needed to be nursing-friendly.  Now that I’m back to my normal size and working full time again, I’ve tried to maintain the same style that I had before I was a mom, just tailoring it to be a bit more flexible for nursing and crawling around on the floor to chase an active baby. And my shoes have to be stable enough to walk in and carry a baby.
Dionne: My personal style really hasn’t changed; I still have the same style, but I’ve added some mom-friendly pieces like button-downs and low tanks for nursing. 

What restaurants, boutiques, etc. do you enjoy frequenting in San Francisco with the baby?

Dionne: Milla and I love visiting Alamo Square and The Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park.  We also enjoy picnics.
Ginny: We live in the Mission, so we spend a lot of time walking around the neighborhood. I love to visit Aldea Ninos to find the newest baby supplies, and we’ve been hitting up Schmidt’s for brunch on the weekends because it is so laid back and baby-friendly, a great place to meet up with friends that we used to have dinner with before we were parents.

What is your baby’s favorite piece of clothing?  Do you have any predictions about your baby’s future style?

Ginny: I’d like to think that his favorite piece of clothing is a pair of baggy camouflage pants that his Aunty Bliss and Uncle Evan gave him for Christmas. They’re the perfect combination of baggy and stylish, all the better for crawling around and making trouble.
Dionne: Milla likes her high-waisted jeggings. It’s a little too early to tell, but sometimes I think she might like a style opposite to mine—girly and feminine.

(Dionne and 6 month-old Milla strike a pose. Dionne favors simplicity for herself and Milla, but a little touch of purple livens up Milla’s look.)

If you could choose anything at Acrimony or ACRE/SF to receive for a Mother’s Day gift, what would it be? 

Dionne: I really like these Rachel Comey Coral Platforms. They’re really comfortable, which is great for my lifestyle.
Ginny: The VEDA Max Classic Leather Jacket! After years of shopping at Acrimony I’ve never looked at that jacket and not lusted after it. For my first mother’s day I think it’s only fitting that I choose a classic, then my first mother’s day gift won’t languish in my closet as a relic of 2012! Now I just need Marcus to sell that idea to my husband (too bad Ando doesn’t have his own credit card).

(8 month-old Ando’s mis-matched shoes are a bright contrast against Ginny’s clean palette of neutrals.)

What’s your style secret to being such a hip mom?  What’s your “go-to” outfit despite being sleep deprived, having no time to get ready, etc.?

Ginny: My secret style to being a hip mom…I’m just honored to be asked that question! I guess that my secret is that I try not to look like a mom. My go-to outfit is a pair of THVM Atelier jeans, a big voluminous top from Tse that I wore when I was pregnant and still wear now, a Bliss Lau body chain from my sister’s fine-jewelry line, and a pair of Rachel Comey flats. It’s a simple outfit, but one that feels appropriate for anything that comes up.
Dionne: I guess my style secret would be that I’ve learned to buy a few nice, classic black pieces, then add pop or accents to keep it fresh! My go-to outfit is a pair of high-waisted black cropped pants, with a black cropped tank top, then whatever sweater or jacket I’m feeling for the day.