Claire Boucher, a Canadian electro-pop singer famously known as...

Claire Boucher, a Canadian electro-pop singer famously known as Grimes, possesses a sui generis voice and vision.  She’s the perfect concoction of ultra-feminine, melodious vocals and a virile, edgy disposition.  Perhaps it’s this very contrast that makes Grimes such a distinct force in the music realm.  She transcends gender barriers, embracing her girly voice and claiming Mariah Carey as her favorite singer, while simultaneously drawing upon Outkast and Aphex Twins for inspiration in both production and aesthetic.  And speaking of transcending the norm, Grimes’ songs aren’t solely focused on lyrics; she feels sounds and enunciation are equally if not more important.  She embraces the Russian philosophy, Zaum, based on the power and emotion of vocal sounds, particularly in her song “Vowels=space and time.”

While Grimes is inherently unique in style and voice–and she prefers it that way–she is determined to become a pop star.  And that’s partly why we love her; we admire her peculiarities and freshness yet envision her as the ultimate popular artist, which she’s certainly on her way to becoming.  She began experimenting with and making music as a young adult—she’s now 24—and even toured with Lykke Li last year.  Grimes’ third album, Visions, released in February of this year, is a splendid complication of vocals, words, and emotion, and we’re sure you’ll have songs “Oblivion,” “Genesis,” and “Vowels=Space and Time” on repeat.  With an eerily soft voice and badass beats, Grimes is far more than “an artist of the moment.“  Her innovative style mirrors how we feel about fashion.  It’s fitting that we choose one of her songs to use in an upcoming project that we’re excited to share with you…sooooon!