Come for the Green

If you haven’t ventured into the breezeway at Acrimony recently, you haven’t seen our new installation of succulents that has taken over our outdoor space. Each is available to purchase so you can take home one of 60 varieties in a unique Mason jar. The installation was put in by Deborah Quast, local SF resident/photographer /innovator. Peep her bio after drooling over what could be living on your window sill.

Deborah is an innovative San Francisco resident, photographer, and artist who firmly believes there is beauty in everything and everyone around her. She repurposes every day items to create beautiful, environmentally friendly objects that can be viewed with a whole new appreciation. Just like each person, every succulent terrarium is unique and beautiful in its own way. With over sixty different varieties of succulents and each unique glass jar, no two terrariums are alike. The bottom of the jar is filled with pebbles to ensure proper water drainage, and the soil used is hand blended specially for succulents. Each succulent is planted with great love and care in Deborah’s charming San Francisco studio.

Don’t have an outdoor area to keep them in? That’s fine! These little terrariums are actually designed to live indoors or outdoors! All they need is sun, water, some loving vibes, and you will be amazed at how your new succulent does!

Prices range from $14-$19 depending on the jar and size. Add some green to your easy living, won’t ya?