After designing costumes for sex bomb rockstar Peaches and some of Japan’s biggest  pop acts, Australian designer Vaughan Alexander has taken a seemingly low-key new job as the creative director of New York’s Verlaine. But the demands of running a young label hasn’t stopped him from experimenting with centuries old shibori-dyeing techniques and mixing them with modern cuts and treatments. The results are stunning: colors so vivid they seem to be alive and fabrics that have a luxurious feel and drape. More importantly, no two pieces are every exactly the same; in Verlaine, a woman is absolutely the only woman in the world. This mix of glamorous cocktail dresses and separates that easily translate from the runway to your closet is due soon, so check back often or e-mail us at info@shopacrimony.com if you’d like first dibs on this truly one-of-a-kind collection.