Custom to Death

Yesterday’s Gitman Brothers (& Sisters) event was a huge success. We’re so glad so many of you were to able the customize a “perfect” shirt. No more complaining ya hear?! Chris from Gitman Vintage was here, taking mad orders and trying to steal my thunder, wearing the same freakin shirt. Hey, I put it on first.

Thank goodness Bryan Jacob was hosting the whiskey tasting to distract our shoppers while they waited their turn to flip through the swatchbook. We had 4 whiskeys: Dickle Tennessee Whiskey, Balcones Baby Blue (100% blue corn), Black Maple Hills Bourbon and High West Silver Whiskey (unaged). The favorite was the Black Maple Hill, but everyone seemed to be enjoying them all in their custom Acrimony/Gitman tumblers.

Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to Dr. Steve, who now owns 5,342 Gitman shirts.