Dear You,


No, we mean it.

This year has seen the first anniversary of our second store, the introduction of amazing new labels, the addition of tons of new categories, and a general expansion of the Acrimony world in exciting new ways that we hadn’t dreamed of before. We’ve been honored that you’ve made us a part of your life—whether you stop by and take a peek at the racks every week or you’re clicking through our site half a world away. You aren’t just shoppers; you’re sharers. You’ve let us share our passions, our loves, and our finds with you and not only have you gone along for the ride, there have been moments where you’ve taken our hands and raced into the next big thing with you.

To say we’re “pleased” with how things have grown would be putting it mildly. We started by putting our hearts on our sleeves and putting designs we believed in on a rack for all the world to see. And now, here we are, on the brink of another year and we haven’t even begun to exhaust all the ideas swirling around inside our heads.

So, thanks.

Thanks for believing in us, thanks for spending time with us, and thanks for letting us in to your lives. We can’t promise anything for 2013 except that we’ll always be willing to try everything.