Denim Shirt Daily

My friend Mandy said to me the other night, “I’ve never seen you wear the same thing twice except for that denim shirt…”

This is a gross misconception as I am always wearing the same things. I covet, love, re-wear and repeat. But the fact that she actually noticed the repeat of the denim shirt means that I have been wearing it to death. Noted.

It’s just such an easy piece, and goes with everything. It’s so comfy, can be buttoned or left open, and is instant cool at any moment. So finally we are getting the most perfect denim shirt in the shop for you to also add to your rotation. Check out the new IRO denim shirts in 2 washes. These are part of a special capsule collection that was only made for the Paris stores (and Acrimony, apparently). $175, in stores next week. Come in, try one on, fall in love, repeat.