For the Dad Who Destroys His Jeans

If your dad isn’t the most conscientious person when it comes to clothing care (does he actually know where the care tag is?), there’s no reason why he can’t enjoy some great jeans. And with Nom de Guerre’s Classic Jean in a beautiful naturally-dyed indigo, he’ll be joining the ranks of men like Marlon Brando and James Dean who knew that all you ever really need to look good is a great pair of jeans.

For dads who aren’t in the know, Nom de Guerre only uses Japanese selvedge denim: a form of denim that has to be woven by hand on shuttle looms, that has no weak unfinished edge, and is nicer, tougher, and all around more interesting than the generic fabric that other methods produce. Dyed with real indigo (instead of synthetic dyes), these jeans can handle just about any abuse you can dish out and will fade beautifully over time. This means that about the time that dad finishes restoring that muscle car, his jeans will be just as good-looking.