For The Dad Who Still Wears Dockers

We’re glad to hear that dad has stopped wearing baggy jeans on the weekends. We’re even happier to know that dad has donated all his logo-encrusted sweatshirts they hand out at the company retreat to charity. But those ill-fitting chinos that button somewhere near his belly button and with two enormous pleats at the waist have just got to go. Introduce him to Wings + Horns West Point chinos and he’ll never look back, we promise.

With a darted waistband for a comfortable fit, a wooden button-fly front, two front pockets, two back pockets, and a flattering taper to the leg, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll have to start telling dad that he has to start wearing something else. Luckily for him (and you) these are also available in navy and olive. Give it a week and he’ll ask you what a khaki-colored parachute is doing in the laundry hamper.