glasses, again.

I have been needing glasses forever, and like most people with worsening vision, it’s been slipping the priority list for over a year now. Today the headaches are making it pretty clear that I need to get specs. So that got me thinking, why do people only have one pair of glasses? If you need to wear them everyday, why not have 3 or 4 or 5 pairs? Perhaps an ignorant statement, but I’m new to the world of lackluster vision.

I stumbled upon this blog: Eye<3Glasses. This chick has a bizillion pairs of specs. Sort of like how people have tons of shoes. This eased my mind about making the decision. If you get funky about it, each pair is sort of non-committal. I don’t have to decide if they will match my hair/outfit/attitude of the moment.

So I propose to not buy one pair, but more like 3…to start.

From Italian optical co. Les Pieces Unique. For when I want to feel/look/act smart.

The Andrea by SUPER. Available at Acrimony, so naturally. I’ll change these lenses out for clear ones, and rock these while I safari.

And these vintage Cazal glasses found on Ebay. These are for hanging out in the park, at the beach, by the pool, while reading books. Because you know I read a lot of books.