How to do summer layers // dude version 1.0

The general rule about dressing is anything less than 3 pieces is not really an outfit. A shirt and shorts is just covering up the bits, not putting yourself together. As the temperature rises, don’t turn into that lazy guy that puts clothes on just because he has to. Summer dressing doesn’t mean knocking out the layers, it just means being smarter about them. Here’s a little guide to layering in the summer 101:

A striped henley can really pull your look together, especially when dealing with different shades of the same color. One layer makes all the difference, and is usually all you can bare when the summer heat sets in. Jared wears a Wings + Horns henley in lightweight hemp cotton, a bright blue Cheap Monday denim jacket and THVM Atelier greencast denim

A casual summer sportcoat is an absolute necessity. This makes the layering game super easy, it’s not a jacket, but can act as one in the summer months when you need a light outerwear piece. Your button down needs a friend. Jared wears the P.A.M. Mixed Business Jacket, Gitman Vintage Paisley Shirt and Wings + Horns Chino Shorts

The general rule about tank tops is to never leave the house without something to throw over it. Don’t get caught looking hot then looking cold (read: slob). Try a terry striped tank top with a classic looking varsity jacket. Layering helps with switching from beach wear to dinner wear without having to decline the invitation. Jared wears an Opening Ceremony Striped Tank, Reigning Champ Varsity Jacket and C.P. Company Khakis.

It’s ok to be the t-shirt guy. Just not the only wearing a t-shirt guy all the time. Laaaazzzzy…. Layering a cardigan over a t-shirt changes the game. It’s an easy piece to have in your closet, takes no effort to put on, but transforms your “summer slob” look into a “put-together-cool-guy” look. Jared wears a Wings + Horns Zip Cardigan, Robert Geller t-shirt, ISAORA sweat shorts and Pointer Sneakers.