I can still see you...

I’ve never had more people ask to buy something right off my face than with these glasses. I always thought they were more “ugly//cool"  than "I want those//cool.” And no they weren’t my grammies, despite her being pretty fly. Deadstock Cazals with a “rare vintage” sticker that peeled off. Boo.

But it got me thinking about sunglasses in general. They cover a big portion of your face, conceal what you’re looking at, pretty much make you anonymous, but you can still tell so much about a person by their choice of shades.

What do you wear? This is my greeting, according to what you have on your face:

Wayfarers (Raybans//Supers): Hey guy, what kind of bike do you ride? Nice tattoo.

Rapper-style (Prada//Gucci): Hey, is it hard to see when you wear those inside?

Sporty (Oakleys//Nike): Hey, how was your 500k run? You look really fit in those tight shorts.

W/rhinestones ($10 swap meet): Hey, those say Ducci not Gucci, is that right?

Aviators (Raybans//designer): Hey, you look pretty relaxed, did you just land that plane over there?

Deadstock/vintage: Hey, let’s hang out.

Make sure yours are fly, please.