Isabelle’s Acrimony Gift Guide First and foremost, who cares what...

Isabelle’s Acrimony Gift Guide

First and foremost, who cares what anyone else wants? Here’s a guide to buying me and girls like me stuff. 

For the times I don’t feel like wearing all black or grey, I would go with the Priory of Ten, Lee Jacket. It’s lush, it has dolman sleeves, and it has pockets. What more could you want?

Next up, the Henrik Vibskov, Judith Scarf. It’s soft, it’s purple, it’s Vibskov. 

NEXT. I’m a backpack girl. I’m not one to walk about with those purse things. So, the Cote et Ciel, Obsidian Nile Rucksack is perfect for shoving your stuff in really fast and getting where you need to go in style. 

I’m also not much of a jewelry girl, but if I was forced to choose, I would go with one of the brushed Miansai Screw Cuffs. ‘Cause they are cool.

Every girl needs a good solid sneaker to stomp around in. Go the with the DRKSHDW Padded Sneakers. I already own a pair of these, but if anyone was so inclined to buy me another, I wear an 8.5US. Thanks. 

Lastly, I know I said wasn’t really into the whole purse thing, but THIS, this is a Welcome Companions, Crossbody Mouse Bag. Yes, I said mouse. The tail has wire in it so you can bend it however you like. 

If you’re still unsure, we do the whole giftcard thing too (just give us a call). So whatever you decide, it’ll a win-win if it’s coming from Acrimony.