//JUST IN: Flutter by Jill Golden

There’s really few things more satisfying than receiving a small little box and finding a treasure trove of shiny new things. And there’s few things newer than introducing everyone to a new label at Acrimony.

With Flutter, New York jewelry designer Jill Golden combines the street-chic ethos of the Big Apple with inspirations drawn from her global travels. The casual elegance of Parisians strutting down Saint-Germain, the graceful curl of Arabic, the ancient beauty of Ionic columns in Greece — it all comes together in brilliant brasses, silvers, and gunmetals.

Felix rings in oxidized silver, gold

A chunky band supports a wicked nest of spheres, spikes, and stones. The bright metals and geometric shapes make this cocktail ring an absolute knockout.

Baylor bracelet in brass

Who knew something as practical and austere as an ID bracelet could look so good? Reworked in brass with extra-chunky chainlinks and a sprawling combination of beads, stones, and delicate spheres, the Baylor lets everyone know exactly who you are.

Jackson pendant in brass

This chunky pendant, with a triply repeated sphere and spike motif, is full of little charms. Strung on a delicate beaded chain the Jackson with a single asymmetrically set stone, the Jackson is that rare statement piece that’s super wearable.

Jana earrings in brass

Drawing on both her namesake butterfly and the sloping curves of Moroccan architecture, the Jana earrings are a perfect blend of shape and sparkle. Three chunky open shapes are set with two rows of stones that radiate out from a large, central crystal.

Auguste earrings in oxidized silver, gunmetal

Stripped down to a startlingly simple shape, the Auguste throws punk rock, Art Deco, and vintage influences into a blender on HIGH. These earrings remind you of something you grandmother would have passed down to you…if your grandmother had been a French bohemian who time-traveled to the punk-era England.

Until these sick pieces get added to the webstore the only way to get your hands on them is to either visit us in person or e-mail us at info@shopacrimony.com.