//JUST IN: Gitman Vintage — Brothers & Sisters

We never thought we’d say this, but Gitman Brothers’ Vintage shirts might be too awesome. For two years now, the men of Hayes Valley have had their shirts pilfered, borrowed, and stolen by female friends/wives/girlfriends/people they let see their closets and we are here to put an end to the clothing custody battle.

For fall, we’re launching Gitman Brothers’ new range of women’s shirts called — appropriate enough — Gitman Sisters. Here’s a little tour of the female-specific details that they’ve worked into the shirts.

A slightly shrunken and more squared off collar flatters a woman’s face better.

The pockets are still cut to match the pattern (more noticeable on the plaid shirts), but they’ve also been reduced in size so that they don’t stretch and hang funny over a woman’s bust.

Though they’ve kept their signature locker loop at the back yoke, the center box pleat has been replaced with a central seam for a fitted body that properly accommodates a woman’s bust and provides a slight flare to comfortable cover the hips.

Here are all the colors from the first batch of Sisters shirts, but we have limited quantities, so get here ASAP if you don’t want to miss out!