//JUST IN - Lady Grey Spring 2010

Sorry to keep you guys holding our breath for so long, but we’ve very happy to announce that Lady Grey has arrived at Acrimony. We haven’t gotten a chance to add these to the webstore yet, so if you have a hankering for some pyrite and silver, just call or e-mail us directly.

Pyrite Dash Ring, $138

An open loop gunmetal ring branches out into a bar with a crushed pyrite inlay: a ring full of fool’s gold is way better than a fistful of dollars.

Grid Ring, $138

Decadently decayed, this cast ring made from oxidized silver feels delicate but can toughen up any look.

Pyrite Pendulum Necklace, $253

Four brass arms form a makeshift cage for a single, large piece of pyrite. Chain is unevenly treated for a one-of-a-kind patina.

Mink bone rings, $81 each

Cast from actual bones in silver, oxidized silver, and bronze, these rings are perfect for single wear if you want something wickedly dainty, spread across your hands in a glittering display, or irregularly stacked on one finger.

Triple Hexagon Ring, $161

One of our personal favorites from this collection (don’t be surprised if you see the Acrimony staff sporting these!), this silver ring utilizes smart geometry for a shape somewhere between medieval armor and an anatomic knuckle.

Facet Point Ring, $196

Oxidized silver meets rough-hewn geometry for a shape that’s distinctly Lady Grey. Wear it by itself for a real statement or couple it with the rings you already own to add texture, depth, and color.