L.A. (Not So) Confidential

The Acrimony family recently made an outing to Los Angeles for some buying, some eating, and some overall ridiculousness. We took lots of photos (tourist-status amounts of photos) so prepare for the onslaught.

Our story begins in the San Francisco Airport. Jenny, in her infinite wisdom, decided to wear her brand new Ann Demeulemeester sandals with a total of 16 (count ‘em!) buckles on each foot that she had to undo and redo to get through airport security.

As we walked to pick up our rental, Jenny jinxed us by hoping that we didn’t get some lame blue or red car. Behold! Our azure blue convertible Mustang. And no, two girls and a guy riding around in this thing most definitely does not constitute a subtle entrance.

Our first stop of the day was lunch at Bar-B Kosher, where the pita is thick and the baba ghanoush is endless. Marcus was far too busy paying attention to his sandwich to notice Jenny snapping a photo.

Sharon was much more on guard.

The object of our affections. Flaky baguette bread, Israeli salad, delicious meats, and tahini for some tang.

Did we mention their completely insane jalapeño/garlic/everything tasty sauce? You could slather this on a burnt tire and we’d probably eat it.

Finally, getting some work done…or something. We checked out new styles of SUPER sunglasses but Sharon was particularly drawn to these over-sized Ksubis that were also on display.

It was great to see a lot of designers, craftsmen, and even candlemakers embracing the spirit of recycling. These bad boys are made from antique tin cans using soy wax and have no metal wicks (which are bad for you). Marcus got a little nostalgic for some Necco wafers when he saw these.

Perennial Acrimony favorite Bliss Lau is — hold your breath — designing bags. Chains, straps, and hardware as far as the eye can see. And you can bet that we’re going to be doing a more thorough preview of these for you guys later.

Los Angeles Boulevard is the place for suits. Buy one suit get two more, two shirts, and two ties for free? Also, it’s the place to have old men invite you into their suit stores in a slightly creepy manner.

You can’t tell so well from this picture but this poodle was dyed green and purple. He was also totally enjoying his car ride.

As much as we love the galleries in SF, LA has a certain attitude to their art scene.

Making our way down the very quiet walkway to hidden LA fashion oasis Sartorialoft. If you’re a dude as addicted to drape and leather and super soft fabrics as Marcus is, make sure you stop by if you’re in LA.

And just a few blocks away, friend-of-the-store Austin was hard at work on Odyn Vovk spring 2011 collection. Also, Austin was one of ten designers selected to show at this year’s Tranoi tradeshow in Paris. Jenny gives the sharkskin (as in skin from a shark!) that Austin’s going to use in his presentation a good feel.

Jackets, tanks, and jeans as far as the eye could see fill up Austin’s showroom. Marcus checks out the detailing on a leather jacket and we’re super excited to see the full collection in New York later. Austin’s showroom isn’t always open, so call ahead if you want a chance to check out his wares and the awesome taxidermy that fills up his workspace.

After a hard day of work touching and squealing over cute new clothes and accessories, we took a much deserved break at LA’s patisserie extraordinaire, Bottega Louie. Sharon got a super tasty pain au chocolat, Jenny scarfed down a Bavarian pretzel as big as her head, but Marcus opted for a fruit “tart” with caramel, which was just a really poor excuse to eat a lot of caramel.

Grapefruit soda? Bananas. I mean, grapefruit.

This was pretty much how all of our windblown hair looked throughout the day. It was like Farrah Fawcett meets Bruce Lee.

And, of course, our flight back was delayed. Our solution? Time travel. Wait, no, we mean beer. Lots of beer. And a 20-point lead by the Lakers in the first quarter? A fitting end for an LA misadventure.