Mac Daddy

That’s right the Mac is back. No, not McDonalds. We aren’t talking about the 29 grams of fat inside a bun (that’s a big mac in case you were wondering). Let’s talk about something that won’t cause a heart attack. Still with me?

Fella’s what jacket are you rockin’ this spring? There are several options here at Acrimony that are right on par for this season’s best. Obviously they are the best, because we carry them damn it! But just when  we thought it could not get any better, we receive this Wings + Horns Light Weight Mac Coat. And dare I say, that shit cray! I tried this on immediately after I saw it laid out in Acrimony this past Monday. Not gonna lie, I contemplated straight booking out of the store with the jacket on. I’m just kidding. Sort of.

Each season Wings + Horns revisits the Mac, but this time around it comes to us in a waxed light weight fabric. Light enough to layer, but tough enough, that with more wear, the better it will get. I tend to rock my jackets with the collar popped. I recommend you do as well, for an extra dose of that Mac Daddy you have deep down inside.