Makr // New & Improved

I can’t help but squirm when a handsome, well dressed man pulls out his wallet and it still has velcro or is so beat up it has his credit card number imprinted into the leather. Even worse, when tons of receipts are pouring out of it, or wait…if he carries everything with a rubber band. Get a wallet, dude.

From one of our favorite leather makers comes a new collection with some revival styles in addition to new styles for Spring. Finally, a bi-fold wallet! The leathers are heavy and durable. The styling is low key and elegant. You can finally pull your wallet out with pride.

And nowadays with men having a lot more to tote around than some dollar bills, Makr has you covered. Introducing the new Weekender in canvas ($120) and the ultra classy iPad Attache in ox blood. As Marcus would say, “Classy as all get out.”

Not available online yet, email us with inquiries (