Master-Piece bags

NY was filled with lots of new finds for the shop for Spring 2011. And if we act fast, which we will, we may be able to get some of it earlier than February 2011 (which seems like forever from now). I can’t imagine waiting any longer than a few months to have THIS sitting in the shop window.


These bags by Master-Piece from Osaka, Japan, have been rolling over in my mind since I got back. This printed nylon backpack and matching fanny pack are a nice diversion from the woven, Native American fabrics I’ve been seeing all over the place.

The backpacks and small leather goods are also something to drool over. Perfect for travel, riding your bike around the city, or just looking fly. All of which are totally necessary in living the good life.

Available at Acrimony soon. For pre-orders or questions, email us! info@shopacrimony.com