Meet Your MAKR

We’ve gotten enough pleading, hopeful, begging e-mails and calls to realize that you guys are kinda crazy for the MAKR stuff. We finally managed to sort them all up and post them on the webstore, so click away, you leather fiends. As always, every piece is fully finished inside, all wallets utilize tough nylon thread, all tags are laser-etched, and everything else is hand sewn!

Button Tote, $160

Tough canvas tote with ridiculously soft cowhide accents. Two sets of handles (one for carrying, one for holding) that can be folded and snapped away as you need. Inside snap hook for your keys.

Horizon Wallet, $90

Horizon Wallet in a deep, rich brown the MAKR guys are calling Bark/Acorn. Made using Horween’s century-old recipe for Chromexcel leather. Two pockets with a center leather partition.

Horizon Wallet, $90

Same shape as the Horizon above, but completely different when it comes to the details: done in a rich gray horse leather that’s semi-sueded that’s wears hard but feels nice and soft.

Flap Wallet, $90

Talk about going natural: vegetable tanned but undyed, this leather is sourced from free-roaming wild cattle and will develop a beautiful patina as you break it in. All spotting and variation in color comes from the natural hide and will change over time.

Flap Wallet, $120

Same wallet as above but in Horween’s black Chromexcel leather. Indulge your inner bad-boy with this deep, rich black.

Angle Wallet, $80

We couldn’t resist stocking up on MAKR’s signature Angle Wallet in as many colors as our grubby little paws could get. This number uses Horween’s rust-toned leather with striking contrast stitching. Beautifully finished with a natural dappling.

Angle Wallet, $80

And you didn’t think we wouldn’t get the Angle Wallet in the black Chromexcel, would you?

Angle Wallet, $80

Oxblood provides an awesome new color for you to sink your teeth into. It’s still the same Chromexcel leather, but this time in a ruddy red-brown that practically begs to be used.

Vertical Wallet, $76

Vertical snap-closure wallet in the same natural, wild moo cow leather as this wallet, but better suited to guys who like their belongings oriented portrait-style.

Vertical Wallet, $90

If the natural version of this wallet doesn’t do it for you, then the rich oxblood definitely will. The best thing is that the where the leather has been folded, the burnish has faded ever so slightly, so some of the breaking in has already been done for you.

Zip Wallet, $76

If you have never experienced deer tanned cow hide before, consider this the ultimate introduction. A three pocket square (two external pockets and one large, center zipped pocket), this wallet is made from thick cow hide that’s tanned and treated to resemble the supple hand of deerskin. Oh and it’s super handy, too. That’s important, right?