Minimalism. Yes we do.

You call it a trend? We call it what we do. Minimalism. Simple not boring, monotone colors, easy fabrics, minimal. Our store is full of it, all the time. You need to look at every piece, examine what it’s worth, how it will work with your wardrobe, what each piece could do to enhance what you already have. It may look all the same from the window, but up close each piece is uniquely different.

Queue, Ann-Sofie Back.

Ann-Sofie Back has been on my mind since LAST fall. That’s how long it’s been since her BACK collection has graced our racks. Yesterday it all came rushing back. Shoulder pad sweatshirts, asymmetric shirts with over-sized safety-pin closures, high-waisted trousers to match, knee pad sweatpants in 2 colors and a zip closure shirt to match last years sold-out cardigan.  We just shot the new collection today, prepping it to hit our webstore tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek to get you excited.