My Personal Gift Guide

I just said “I have so many gift ideas!” It’s true, this year more than any other year, I have so many gifts that I want to give to myself…and others. Hopefully this list will help you find what you’ve been looking for, outside the Acrimony shopping kingdom.

Smythson Quilted Camera Case, $180. You can get it monogrammed with my initials, too.

Generic Man 4-year anniversary shoe WITH a bottle of wine. Get drunk and look stupid good. $425

Giles & Brothers Ice Feather Collar, $225. I love the way this necklace looks on a my bare neck.

Handmade Leather Journal, $57. I once received one of these and have yet to use it. This year I will, and the scribblings will turn into magic.

Eskuche bronze headphones, $65. Perfect for the plane or train so no one tries to bother me. Not really superior sound quality, but pretty good and they look really nice.

Uniqlo Fleece Gloves, $10.90. These are Men’s, but also come in size S/M which can actually fit my little paws. Could be a cute his/hers gift.

Topshop Knitted Fur Trapper, $36. There’s been so much fur out there, it’s guaranteed to flood the thrift stores next season. So be sure not to spend too much on your next fur purrrrchase.

BOO the Dog Calendar, $24.95. No explanation needed.

Knife and Saw Bike Shelf, $300. Handmade from solid wood, the perfect urban bike rack that prevents your apartment from looking like a bike messenger’s hangout.

DL & Company Set of 4 Skull Plates, $185. These are SO rad. Imagine serving pancakes on these guys.

Persol Steve McQueen Special Edition Sunglasses, $280. Not only are they modeled after the man, the hero, BULLITT, they have blue internal lenses and folding light havana frames.

More ideas to come, I hope we all don’t buy each other the same things. Happy gifting!