New Year's Resolutions //

Aside from the usual “work out more” “diet” new year’s resolution, I asked the staff at Acrimony and ACRE/SF to spill their new year’s fashion resolutions. Let’s keep watch to make sure there’s progress being made, no hands in the cookie jar, with fashion resolutions on track for the year. Let this be the year of no regrets…


1) Wear more leather: leather pants, leather sleeves, leather shoes (duh), leather backpacks, leather sunglasses, leather jewelry. Just not all together, obviously.

2) Find and wear a pair of boyfriend cut jeans that pair well with flats and heels. Have them become a staple in my wardrobe.

3) Always wear at least 3 pieces of clothing at all times, it’s not considered an outfit if you are wearing any less.


1) I won’t pass on any (shopping) opportunities when I see something I LOVE. I will buy and not hesitate because that just leads to regret and nightmares.

2) Own a pair of Alaia’s

3) Blog more on http://glamonthestreet.tumblr.com/ (considering the last post was Jul 21)


1) Try new textures

2) Explore fuller silhouettes

3) Wear jeans less often


1) Wear more color and less black

2) Organize my life and look

3) Steer away from jeans


1) Wear more dresses

2) Add more maroon to my wardrobe

3) Break in more denim


1) Pay more attention to fit and proportion-Tailored Clothing

2) Wear bold prints

3) Buy Gitman