NOW EYE SEE: New Super Styles for Spring

The new collection of spring 2011 Super styles have just arrived and boy are we glad to get these bad boys on our faces. Though the sun’s been taking it easy for the last few weeks, you should remember that no sunlight doesn’t mean no UV rays. But do you really need a reason to justify picking up any of these new styles?

The classic People frame has come in a new faux-horn style (with brown front and “ivory” contrast) and a great new translucent tonal black. We’ve also carried this style in the with gold-metal details before, but now they’re available as readers! Just pop in your own prescription for some seriously dashing specs.

The ridiculously cool Lucia frame comes in the same light black colorway as the Peoples, but we’re also stocking it in an awesome puma color with gold metal accents.

Available now in store, over the phone, and by e-mail inquiry, but expect them to up on the webstore early next week!