Odyn Vovk AW10

Completely, thoroughly, utterly impressed by Austin’s new collection. We just received the Melton Wool Long Coat, the Green Wool Patch Jacket, the Terry Pullover and the 13 Loop Waxed Denim from the Odyn Vovk AW10 collection. The Melton Wool Coat is absolutely amazing. Long and slender, with definition and shape. It’s warm enough to sleep in, rad enough to travel to Antwerp in. $943

I’m obsessed with the punk influence of this jacket. It sits short, zips tight, has frayed edges, but looks like an expensive piece of work. $540

Similar to the OV Hoodie, this Terry Pullover has the slub on the outside, soft side on the reverse. The fit is slim and long, with slit pockets and a giant hood. $286

The denim really turned out amazing. This is Odyn Vovk’s signature 13-loop Japanese denim, with a wax coating. The finish is a bit shiny but will wear down quickly into the best waxed denim you’ve ever owned. $288