Odyn Vovk Sp11 THE SHOW

Unedited coverage from our “NY Correspondent” Devin…

Hey Jenny!

So I went to Odyn Vovk and saw Austin and Christine and snapped some photos with my fancy canon powershot SD1200 IS (my camera is so embarrassing!). Anyhoo let me give you a rundown:
Odyn Vovk SS2011 presentation was held in a warehouse in Chinatown off of Lafayette. After getting my drink on, I walked up a platform into the space where the show would be taking place. The scene was a living room gone awry, A dreamlike tornado of chairs. And a meat hook. Hung onto random pieces of furniture -as well as meat hook- were Austin’s SS2011 leather jackets, drop crotch pants, and one killer denim/leather combo jacket (see white chair at top of chair tornado). Visually I had no idea what to expect. Then came the models. Then my mind was blown. Check out the old man with headband, I’m not gonna lie, he was my favorite to look at. He looked like he’d have amazing stories to tell. Stories I’d like to listen to. Anyway I was also staring hard at a pair of drop crotch pants and a thick, denim-like button down shirt jacket. Boy’s wont be disappointed come Spring.  :)