Lilly reminisces:

Remember all those crazy times you had with your college roommate?  I don’t either; it’s mostly a big blur.  Kikkerland knows that working stiffs look back fondly on their days of drinking jungle juice out of red party cups but as a “grown up”, you need a more adult and dignified way to go about drinking (jungle juice or otherwise).  Lucky for you that all of us at Acrimony and ACRE/SF teach a class called Adult Partying 101!

Course materials include:
-Kikkerland Ceramic Party Cup

-Kikkerland Aluminum Cube Jigger
-Booze of your choice
In this course, you will learn important things like how to make a great cocktail with your aluminum jigger, how to set up a beer pong table with ceramic party cups, and, most importantly, how to look like an adult while partying like a college kid!  Oh yeah, and remember that college roommate I mentioned earlier?  Instead of buying them a bottle of liquor this year, be an adult, and make it a gift set they’ll remember…er, or won’t.

Kikkerland Ceramic Party Cup ($14), Kikkerland Aluminum Cube Jigger ($42)