Lilly says:

The key to gifting your beau a wallet is to put yourself in his shoes pants.  Imagine sitting on a deck of cards—now imagine sitting on it for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Sound uncomfortable?  It is.  That’s why Makr wallets and their simple but detailed designs are beloved by our male shoppers.  The Angle Wallets are hand made from fine leather, comes in a variety of colors, and will sit flat and comfortably in your guy’s back pocket!  Sure, you could stop at the wallet and be considered a good girlfriend, but throw in a matching leather keychain and you make the jump from good girlfriend to great girlfriend.  Attach Makr’s super cool bottle-opening key (yes, it will open your door) and you’ve just put together the perfect Christmas gift—while simultaneously earning the title of BEST. GIRLFRIEND. EVER.

Makr Navy Angle Wallet ($80), Natural Cordovan Keychain ($40), and Bottle Key ($11)