If you’re anything like us, your Christmas list is endless (or at least it seems like it), so we’ve decided to help you cross everyone off your list, regardless of whether they’ve been naughty or nice. In that spirit, every day for the entire month of December, the Acrimony team will be recommending their personal favorites, from big showy gifts to simple stocking stuffers.

Marcus says:

My favorite things are always little things and there are few things smaller than the Joomi Lim Stud Rings that we just received, which are a big look in a little package. Rose gold is perfect for girls who favor more traditional jewelry, but the dark hematite and silvery rhodium options are sleek and modern for anybody who likes a little more edge to their look.

Joomi Lim Stud Open Rings, available in Rose Gold, Hematite, and Rhodium ($65 each)