On the hunt //

I’ve been on the hunt for a proper camo shirt jacket. I’m looking for a men’s fit but small enough that it doesn’t look huge over a skimpy tank, cut off shorts and Isabel Marant sneakers. I tried a few on in NYC and was wishing I was just 2 inches taller and maybe 4 inches broader in the shoulders. I’m also torn between a digital camo, which is what most people are doing now, or a classic Woodland camo, which has been my favorite since carrying MHI back in ‘08. These are my favorites so far, regardless of fit.

Unis, Tiger Stripe Rip Stop Shirt Jacket. This was the closest fit I could find, sized in an XS, but was still a little big on me. 

Digital Camo BDU Shirt. This is a kid’s shirt, size L. The measurements seem to line up OK and it’s $17. This particular digital camo is warming up to me pretty quickly. 

Stussy Fatigue Jacket. The size S is a pretty TTS dude’s small. I’m not a dude. I’m imagining this worn open and pulled wide.

Gant by Michael Bastian Shirt Jacket. If this were in a classic Woodland camo I think it might have been a viable option.

Undercover Water Camo Shirt Jacket. Some superfuture dude is selling his SS10 water camo for $250. Hallelujah I would wear this in a heartbeat if it fit the way I wanted.

The hunt continues…