Jenny says:

One of the many reasons I love the holidays is for the dressing up. You don’t need an excuse, IT’S THE HOLIDAYS. It’s not just a lady thing, the dapper gentleman agree, the holidays produce the best parties to put your best foot forward. And for that dapper guy that needs a holiday gift, what better than something to help the cause? Gentry makes some of the best bow ties and neck ties in the biz. It’s not a clip on, this bad boy needs to be tied every time you put it on. Your guy wouldn’t dare buy a clip on, that’s for sure. If a bow tie doesn’t suit him, go for the leather tipped, argyle stitch or black check: all guaranteed to knock his socks off.

Gentry Bow Tie ($65), Gentry Leather Tipped Tie ($127), Gentry Argyle Stitch Tie ($99), Gentry Black Check Tie ($99)