One piece, countless ways to wear it!

Acrimony now carries Harputs Own

Harput’s Own angora “Spies Dress” $640.00

This dress is undoubtedly the softest and coziest dress- all while maintaining a sexy silhouette. Not your average dress. The neck hole is actually purposely placed way off center… So cool!  Wear it short or wear it long. Twist it around your body or let it fall the way it wants. Possibilities are endless!  Call Acrimony at 415.861.1025

Harputs Own “Square Vest” $380

Where to begin… this vest is like owning 5 pieces in one. Wear it as shown above, with a belt, with out a belt, upside down, reverse side, or backwards. Come in for an instructional course if you’re baffled and prepare to have your mind blown! Vest is worn with Harputs Own “Cross Dress”, and as with all pieces from this line, it can be worn a myriad of ways! Call Acrimony at 415.861.1025