París Parte Un

I’m sure you’ve all read through the reviews and critiques of men’s fashion week in Paris. So instead of reiterating an “expert” opinion and re-posting crappy versions of style.com photos, here are some photos to peruse for a more intimate perspective on Paris fashion week.

Like most Americans to arrive in Paris, I want an immediate taste of Parisian culture. So I head straight for a cafe where I order a Fanta and a baguette (yea, painfully American). A stroll down St. Honore, a squat on the steps, window shopping at Collete and Goyard, and watching hot french girls smoke ciggies. This is Paris.

Headed to the Walter Van Beirendonck show with J.P. Pleased to see lots of plaid and lots of red lipstick on the burly burly burly men. P.S. it’s incredibly difficult to take a good photo at a fashion show. There are so many lights, if you’re not in this press pile, I don’t think it’s possible…

Super stoked for new brands and new digz for the shop.

An exhibition at Tranoi featuring some amazing designers, showcasing special product in super limited quantities, suspended from the ceiling in a dark room. Each item had its own iPad with a description of the piece and the quantity available. To name a few, the Odyn Vovk shark skin jacket we mentioned ($4000), and a Sruli Recht carbon dater ($1200), a black-diamond tipped carbon pen for writing or illustrating on glass. HOLY SHIT.

The Spring 2011 Odyn Vovk collection is by far the best he’s ever done. Showcased in a beautiful Paris apartment, Austin and Christina were totally slammed when I walked in. Blackbird, Bonnie & Clyde, Daad Dantoni, Acrimony and 2 other Japanese clients were all there at once. Good for business, eh?

Then off to The Viridi-anne presentation in an old Parisian castle. I think. It had a winding staircase and smelled of old royalty and servants’ sweat, so I can only assume it was a castle. The presentation was amazing, but we did catch the models checking their phones AND drinking the free wine. Pwah!

Then for an adventure in trying to eat dinner. During fashion week, there’s never time to eat. It’s always one place to the next with very little time in between. It was 10pm before we finally could grab a bite. They stuck us Americans in the back, but we had a good dinner anyway.

No, I didn’t eat with the models from The Viridi-anne, although they could pass. That’s Kaya from Six Scents, Austin from Odyn Vovk, Brett from Unholy Matrimony, Jona and “Jersey” from In Aisce.

Side note: Kaya had a preview of the 3rd edition of the Six Scents collaboration. Juun J and Rad Hourani are amongst the collaborators. I won’t say what the Rad scent resembles. I really hope they make some changes to it, I’m not sure who would want to smell like “that” purposefully…

Side note #2: While on my way to the Damir Doma showroom, I run into Jona on the street. His show space is on the same block, so I pop in. GUESS WHO’S THERE? The boys from Julius. And guess who’s wearing her Julius bag? YES! They are adorable and so friendly, and they run with a crew of long haired Japanese guys. They and Jona seem to be tight.

And THAT, was all in 1 day.