Real sportswear

I’ve been spending more time in the outdoors, which has led me to think more about how to incorporate my personal style into functional outfits that make sense. Men have been able to cross over pretty well between sports and fashion. Nike Sportswear has been pushing for athletes to live and breathe their sports since their inception, but there’s still a delicate line between looking “sporty” and looking like you just left the gym. The F12 Nike Sportswear campaign is trying to get there with the tapered sweatpant and quilted jacket mixed with running shoes and a hoody. I still think this guy is dressed for style vs function. This isn’t his real active wear, and isn’t meant to be misunderstood for that purpose. Now where is the reverse?

I like the Rapha Mac Softshell. Based on Schoeller’s C-Change® technology, it has an intelligent, self-adapting polymer. This means that when the body warms up, the structure of the fabric ‘opens’ to release excessive body heat. When the body cools down, the structure seals once again to retain warmth. In fact, the C-Change® membrane is so effective at temperature regulation that it eliminates the need for underarm zips. Design wise, it makes sense to wear for both function and style.

The women’s version isn’t as high tech, but may be more suitable for my riding needs. Plus the shape is not as rigid and has rubberized pads to prevent my bag from chaffing my shoulders.

My favorite brand doing sportswear like real sportswear is ISAORA. Functional clothing done in technical fabrics that fit right and look right. This guy just ripped down the mountain then stripped down to his long johns and walked straight into the lodge looking like THIS>>

I think Y-3 had the same intentions but ISAORA’s execution of contemporary styling really takes the cake here. Merino paneled pants, down filled liners, wax coated jackets, all with the outdoors enthusiast in mind, minus the Northface logo which has defaced one too many jackets.

Now who is making the women’s equivalent?