My resolution is to not have any more new year’s resolutions. Personal enrichment should be a daily chore, not something done once per year. One of the more prominent “personal enrichments” I’m currently working on is something I share for both myself and for Acrimony. The ever so powerful world of marketing tactics has confused many a consumer into making terrible purchases. Whether they be in poor taste, poor judgement, or just plain stupid, consumers have been seduced into buying things based on brand names and not based on quality or design. So in my continuing efforts to conserve my resources for only the most intrinsically amazing purchases, I’ve found myself more dutiful in quality and design diligence. I bid farewell to shopping remorse with the last decade (along with honey baked ham). This increased diligence will hopefully reflect in the merchandise you see here in the shop as well. In kind, although I’m a huge Rodarte fan, you won’t see this sweater pop up anywhere within 20 feet of myself or the shop. How. Why. Why. WHY?

Happy TWENTYTEN, people!