Spending the Summer with Jeffrey Campbell

Summer is nearly here, so it’s time to spruce up your shoe selection. Who said flip-flops were a summer staple, anyway? Let’s face it, they’re boring and we never opt for boring at ACRE/SF and Acrimony. So, we’re encouraging you, no, demanding, that you explore our new Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They’re fun, fantastic, and exactly what you need to look stylish in the sun. So, please, stash the flip-flops…ASAP. Remember, many people look at what is happening south of your ankles, so why not add some color and fun.  Give those tired feet what they deserve: a dose of Jeffery Campbell.


Beige/Blue Kelley Oxford. Exclusive Smoosh Neon Platform Sandal. Prep Tasseled Loafer

Perez Woven Sandal