Summer Bug Madness.

If you haven’t been by to see our window display yet, you are in for a surprise. The Acrimony windows are littered with insects and flowers just in time for the summer months. Not your average lady bug or caterpillar, these bugs have way more personality. With human hands and legs, these bugs have been sippin’ the Kool-Aid, hence them hanging upside down. Happy they are.

Dax Tran-Caffee is the artist responsible for this amazing installation. Trained in portraiture initially, Dax has thrown himself into the study of a long list of artistic disciplines, from songwriting and accordion, to street performance, video and sound art, movement, guerrilla installation, and large-scale street game design.

Dax is a freelance illustrator and sculptor, available for an endless variety of artistic work from oil painting on guitar bodies to making specialty pinatas of your friends and enemies. He also holds a BFA in Painting/Drawing from the California College of Arts & Crafts, and an MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Don’t be scared of these guys, they don’t bite.