T or F? Prints are not for everyone

I somehow ended up on the Urban Outfitters mailing list. I’m also receiving their catalogs in the mail. Sneaky lil’ suckers aren’t they? They are clearly trying to brainwash me into buying a floral dress. Print dresses, floral shorts, graphic leggings, something loud and something I will surely only wear once.

So what is a girl to do that doesn’t look good in prints? The answer to that is: “SILLY! YOU LOOK GREAT IN PRINTS, YOU’VE JUST BEEN TRYING THE WRONG ONES.”

Florals make me look confused. But you can’t limit yourself to solids. So I found four prints that I like. Really like.

Laeken - Kobe Dress $230

Laeken - Nairobi Dress $212

Laeken - Saga Top $173

Laeken - Tunis Top $161

Now available at Acrimony. Yeeeee!