If you’ve walked into Acrimony, you’ve probably seen the hanpandas on the wall. They were up in the original shop on Gough St. and have made their way to the current location on Hayes. No matter what changes we make to the shop, the hanpanda will remain. What’s the scoop?

A full year before I opened the shop (2007), I spent every free moment putting together inspiration for the store. Researching designers, reading up on mens fashion, becoming deeply rooted in artists and musicians that I identified with. This really helped in the formation of the opening but also turned my derivatives of inspiration into obsessions. I have over 200 Japanese fashion magazines that I’d scour for photos, and read the honyee blog religiously. Flipping through post after post, even the ones in Japanese, leading me down an amazingly long, adventurous journey on the internets. I quickly became obsessed with streetwear, Hiroki Nakamura, sneakers for the opposite sex (why), Hirofumi Kiyonaga, Nom de Guerre, and everything else that was hard to find. At the time, I lived a block away from the Supreme store on Fairfax and would walk in there just to see other  people geek out. 

So on one of those long, treacherous journeys I discovered Nagi Noda, a graphic designer and overall genius creative. I freaked out over these animal hair hats and her hanpandas. On my first trip to Paris for Acrimony, I walked into Colette and saw a limited edition set of vinyl decals for sale. I purchased, and carried a huge (3'x3’) cardboard portfolio on the plane with me. Shortly after, she committed suicide. Everytime I look at the hanpandas, it reminds me of the time before the store opened and how dedicated I was to discovering new things that really excited me.