The Perennial Pattern: Stripes

Stripes don’t age, plain and simple. They’re the perfect pattern to wear with whatever, whenever, and if you haven’t noticed, we like stripes…A LOT. Many of our men’s clothing include stripes—nobody can stray from a piece with stripes, we get it. Stripes have been a classic pattern for years, and without a doubt, whether it be a striped jacket, tee, pair of shorts, sweater, you name it, it’s bound to be a staple in anyone’s closet, like James Dean’s.


Get the look, see below! We can’t promise you’ll look exactly like Mr. Dean, but hey, you’ll get close enough.

Opening Ceremony Multi Yarn Sweater

Gitman Brothers Vintage Sea YD Stripe

Opening Ceremony Stripe Jersey Tee

Penny Stock Stripe Penny Pocket Tee

Opening Ceremony Terry Stripe Jersey Tank

Wings + Horns Navy S/S Striped Henley