The Weekender

Feeling bummed because all of your friends got away for the holidays? Never fear! Our edition of Weekender Warrior is here! Get more bang for your buck in January–not only at our ongoing clearance sale, but the first month of the year is thee designated month for significantly cheaper travel. Whether you’re a snow bunny, or want to show off that pool body, we’ve got the necessary supplements and grand ideas for one hell of a good time.

Treebones Resort in Big Sur

Because you don’t own a pair of REI boots, and let’s face it, have no real desire to prove yourself a man by creating fire out of thin air, a svelte Wings + Horns flannel and cozy Mr. Nice vest are the perfect pairing for a glamp site like Treebones in the Big Sur woods. Compressed towelettes by Prospector are an easy clean for mornings and Roost’s multifaceted knife carves your fresh fruit breakfast and opens the wine, all in one. Throw in a thick scarf by Morrison and a pair of wool socks for good measure, and go! 

For the city gal aspiring to bring out her inner Thoreau, we recommend some plush layering pieces, like a good old Gitman Sisters flannel and Second Female parka with fur trim Things get lavish when a pair of traditional lace-up boots by TBA meet a striking gold zipper. Add a pair of soft, lavender leggings by Funktional, matching Henrik Vibscov socks, and voila! Glamper chic.